The MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is probably the worlds best known and most widely recognized post graduate degree. It is a professional degree intended for those who work in business and management Read More

If you are already a Master's degree holder, an excellent next step is to take the Doctorate in Business Administration degree. A golden opportunity presents itself now through the UUM's DBA which has been approved Read More

Applications will be open for the next January 2015 intake. You may apply online to Rezzen or make enquiries using our Rezzen Marketing Staff phone contacts 03 - 22614248 / 019 - 2732499. Connect to our website for more details.
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About Us

front_aboutusRezzen was incorporated in 1995 as a consultancy company but has grown into a full service e-learning company beginning 2002.  Our chairman and our Chief Executive brought their extensive educational experience as full professors to start Rezzen. Their outside experience working as educational consultants contracted to various clients, including contracts for planning educational facilities and  programs, reshaping curricula and re-invigorating curricula, enriched their planning for Rezzen. Read more…