Frequently Asked Questions

How will Rezzen staff assist and counsel prospective students once they apply?

Students will be assisted throughout their period of candidacy and throughout their learning experience as a student under Rezzen. Rezzen staff has almost a decade of experience counselling students while senior staff have been in the education industry for 14 years and are experienced in handling issues faced by students. They may advise on scholarships such as MyBrain, bank loans, EPF withdrawals etc. as well as on classroom regulations such as taking leave of absence or deferment of the semester while on assignments abroad. Staff may inform students on payment rules such as penalties for late payment of fees.

What are the keys on their journey to success under Rezzen’s education programmes?

Many of our students quote a significant sacrifice of time and effort on their part as the keys to their success. Successful students also credit eLearning as well as other electronic aids as essential bridges to fellow students.

What does Rezzen’s learning management system do for students?

Having a learning management system keeps students in touch with subjects, assignments and lecturers. They are also sent reminders on fee payments, thus avoiding penalties.

What is the function of the counselling system?

At Rezzen, staff with a combined 5 – 10 years experience address students’ concerns. Our staff help students coordinate and plan the study programme. We ease students’ challenges by helping them understand how to fulfill the myriad university regulations and requirements. Our staff also assist in counselling and guidance for courses, time management and career goals. These counselling sessions are supplemented by phone and email communications where needed. Rezzen staff also help students in matters related to university rulings such as deferment, absenteeism, as well as payment rules such as penalties, late fee payment etc.

Are the degrees offered recognized?

All our degrees from International Islamic University Malaysia are recognized. In addition, IIUM has ABEST21 accreditation for its Business degree. IIUM partners include University of Illinois, USA, University of Mennesota, USA and Kyoto University, Japan. All degrees from Public Universities are recognized by the Malaysian Government.

How are the courses conducted?

Students are expected to take 3 subjects per trimester, attend face-to-face classes for two weekdays/ one weekend per subject per month over 3 months (week 1 to week 13). The final exam will be on week 14 onwards.

How long is a trimester?

There are 3 semesters in an academic calendar year. One trimester is four (4) months long.

Is there a limit to the number of classes I can miss? If so, how many classes can I miss?

IIUM’s policy is for students to maintain an 80% attendance rate.

What is the medium of teaching – English or BM?

Classes are conducted in English. The examination would also be in English.

How many students are there in a class?

There are normally no more than thirty (30) students in a class. With 14 years of successful private off-campus education, Rezzen has maintained small class numbers for the students’ benefit.

Are loans available?

Yes they are. Special advice is available for MyBrain15, bank loans, EPF withdrawal.